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We offer midwifery care from a heart centered, evidence based approach to pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. We feel it is essential to address the psycho-emotional and spiritual journey of the family and create a safe, open space for discussion, learning and self-lead health.

In Tandem Midwifery, LLC. offers routine prenatal care, home, and birth center births to low-risk women and families in West Seattle, Seattle, Burien, Federal Way, Auburn, Maple Valley, Renton, & Newcastle. Please contact us with further questions. See map.

We believe that pregnancy and birth is a normal physiological process & strive to support women and their families in their choice for a safe home birth. We are committed to the goal of comprehensive care during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and new family education, regardless of chosen care provider or site of birth. Should any conditions arise that place your pregnancy outside of the low-risk category, we consult with a physician about how your care should proceed, and may refer you to a physician practice and/or hospital for the appropriate level of care.

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Christine is originally from a small suburb just north of Seattle, Washington and graduated with a BS in Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology from the University of Washington. Prior to beginning midwifery school, Christine found her niche supporting new families as a nanny and in the role of postpartum doula but knew that there was more for her to learn. Due to her love of history and interest in mothers and babies, she was always aware of midwifery, but was thrilled to discover that midwives were still around combining holistic heart centered and now evidence based care to low risk women and that there was an amazing midwifery program in her own back yard! Before ever attending a birth, Christine knew midwifery was her path.

While expanding and honing her midwifery skills, Christine worked with 3 midwifery practices within Washington State: Birth Day Midwifery, Seattle Home Maternity Service and Lake Washington Midwives. The experience of working with and learning from 9 amazing midwives, allowed Christine to develop a vast array of skills and approaches while incorporating what she learned in school into real practice. In her role as student midwife, Christine attended 126 births in just under 2 years.

Her hobbies include crochet, traveling the world one place at a time and every once in awhile, reading a book for fun. She has traveled to Ireland, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, China, Hong Kong, and France. Christine can be found curled up reading a book, exploring a new part of the city, playing with some of her favorite kids in the park or planning her next adventure. (Always with her pager when on call)!

We both hold master's degrees in midwifery from a regionally accredited institution,
Bastyr University. We have an up-to-date evidence based education in the field of
midwifery. We were trained within a framework of accountability, integrity, and
research. We offer holistic care that is based in love, knowledge, experience, and
open communication. We are willing to discuss difficult topics with kindness and
without judgment. We are committed to involving clients in all
decisions related to their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Taylor is originally from the East Coast. She earned her undergraduate degree in Women's Studies from the University of Washington in Seattle before becoming a massage therapist. She practiced as a massage therapist for 6 years before enrolling in Bastyr University's Department of Midwifery, formerly Seattle Midwifery School. She met her graduation requirements while attending births with Lake Washington Midwives at the Puget Sound Birth Center and with San Diego Midwife, Inc., in Encinitas, California.

Taylor is a Washington State licensed midwife, & certified professional midwife. She is committed to helping women who are eager to participate in their own health throughout the childbearing cycle that are willing and able to dialogue about the psycho-emotional issues of their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. By engaging in this open-heart communication her clients will trust their bodies and feel safe and supported in their own process and journey.

Taylor enjoys baking, hula hooping and trips to the coast with her partner, Ben, and dog, Dusty.


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The essence of midwifery care embodies individualized care while also acknowledging the impact we make on the community around us. We limit our practice to 8 births per month to avoid midwife burnout and overlapping births. We value the one on one time we are able to spend with our clients. While we feel our time is valuable we also acknowledge current financial challenges in this economy, and are also committed to providing access to quality, safe, affordable maternity care.


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